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Words To Use In Novel Writing

a novel that never fails to [] a passionate historical/semiautobiographical/personal account of [] a plot fueled by certitude; a story that is bold/entertaining/deep/troublesome all at once; a story with a great premise; a stunning achievement; a terrific read; a work that left me better than I was before reading it; an excellent new kind of [] narrative

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  • Usage: Use “despite this” or “in spite of this” when you want to outline a point that stands regardless of a shortfalling in the evidence. Example: “The sample size was small, but the results were important despite this.” 25. With this in mind. Usage: Use this when you want your reader to consider a point in the knowledge of something else.

  • Never Use Long Words Where Short Words Can do the Task. George Orwell, one of the best and most-read novelists in human history, advises writers not to use long words in their writings when the short words can communicate the exact meaning. In fact, the writer of Animal Farm and 1984 used the word "never." He emphasized the importance of short.

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