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There are over 550,000 thousand homeless in the United States

On any given night, over 40,000 youth aged 13-25 experience homelessness

Over 35,000 of our veterans are experiencing homelessness

Almost 5% of homeless are over the age of 62

A large number of homeless have an education (many with a 2 or 4-year degree)


Not every homeless person is lazy

Not every homeless person is without a job

Not every homeless person is a criminal

Not every homeless person is on drugs


They are people, fellow humans. 

The smallest acts of kindness go a long way - even a simple "hello, how is your day?" 

If you can help them financially, do so. 

If you want to get involved, volunteer at your local shelter or make a donation.


To educate yourself about homelessness and hear their stories, visit Invisible People

This site is not in affiliation with Laura Schoch Collection

but I have found it to be very informative. 


I can’t eradicate homelessness.  I will work to change people’s misconceptions about the homeless population and I will donate a portion of my company’s earnings

to various organizations supporting the homeless.

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